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Old Spice: Caption Contest

My favorite things are bread and massive technological breakthroughs, so you can imagine my excitement after learning that Instagram was finally allowing for editable captions. We simply had to share this digital blessing with Old Spice’s followers.

We asked the users to prove the incompetence of Old Spice’s current community manager intern (seen below) by helping us caption an instagram. We posted the image of a dejected robot in the morning and updated the caption throughout the day using followers’ suggestions from the comments.

User @alex_ekranoplan won with his caption, “Life just wasn’t the same for Jeff since the toaster left.” He subsequently received the robot painting in a special frame with a button, that when pressed, plays a recording of a non-famous man reading his caption. He also got a signed headshot of Danny along with a business card displaying the actual phone number of our poor coworker.