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Coca-Cola: Social Launch

My first project at Wieden+Kennedy was to “create Coca-Cola’s social presence.” Upon getting briefed, I was like “cool, give me an hour.” Just kidding, it took an enormous effort and a great collaboration between Tara, Josie, Zack and myself to create the tone, look+feel and launch ideas. I designed their tumblr theme and developed the overall visual feel of social posts.






To kick off Coca-Cola’s instagram, we created a contest called “Double Tap to Unwrap”. Each morning we would post an image of a wrapped present. In order for the present to be unwrapped and gifted to a follower, that image had to reach a certain number of likes. As the presents got cooler, the number of likes required grew. Over the course of 4 days, Coke went from 0 to 25,000 followers. It was tight.





Over the course of working on Coke social, we did a number of other campaigns. For “Happiness Delivery”, we asked users to submit their ideal way to receive a Coke. We then took their responses and turned them into adorable little illustrations. And then there is my personal favorite (due to the sheer absurdity of it), “Ode to Other Animals”, where we recognized that cats were getting too much damn attention on the internet and other little critters deserved some love.