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Man Down

As an Instagram stunt for Old Spice, we decided to kidnap our male model, write a ransom note in Instagram tags and ask our followers to help find him hidden in one of the 589 actual Instagram posts we created. Click the post below to see the ransom note and then swipe through to the reveal of his hiding place (you were nice enough to come look at my portfolio, so I’ll give you the shortcut, ok??).


Each tag led to a fully functioning, fictitious Instagram account. We created 20 separate handles, each with its own absurd persona and back story ranging from a woman overcoming hydrophobia through photos of a whitewater rafting trip, to a struggling furniture warehouse with a penchant for puns. This account is The Brunswick Renaissance Faire; each post reflected a deep-seeded reverence for Medieval times and turkey legs.


Claire Wyckoff is a garden gnome enthusiast who's new to social media. Hence her confusion as to how captions work.


Jesse Johnson is a burgeoning herpetologist—which if you're wondering—is the actual scientific term for a snake expert. He's got a lot of love for them herps!


Wabarshky Logistics manufactures stuff, we think. They're really amped about their summer associate program and business buzzwords. They also clearly missed the day in English class where you learn about correcting run-on sentences.