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Super Good

In the wake of the 2016 Presidential election, my friends and I kept seeing listicles about the range of the nonprofits and charities that would need support throughout the Trump administration. As we started visiting all their sites, we realized how cumbersome the process is for new donors. So we created Super Good, a streamlined solution for giving to multiple charities simultaneously.


There are three central components of Super Good. The first being simultaneous donations. Supporting multiple charities on a regular basis is time consuming and cumbersome. That’s why Super Good consolidates 30 charities into one easy, monthly donation. Pick the issues that matter to you, and give to causes like the ACLU, The Sierra Club, Black Lives Matter and CAIR with just one click.



The second feature is accessible actions. It feels like there’s too much to do, but too little time. So Super Good gives you one “weekly do” you can complete in less than five minutes, like writing a letter or contacting a government official to counteract Trump’s dangerous policies.


The third piece is measurable impact. We felt it was important to see how your giving adds up over time on your personal dashboard. All Super Good metrics update in realtime, so you can see just how much you and the whole Super Good community are accomplishing at every second.


With the goal of Super Good being to ease the giving process, I designed the the UX of the platform to be as simple and straightforward for the user as possible. Super Good co-founder Helena Chu and I collaborated on the design and overall branding of the site. We felt it was important to counteract the more serious nature of the project with poppy, organic illustration.